What Will You Work Towards?

What Will You Work Towards?

Together, you will work towards developing a unique relationship built on honesty and mutual commitment to enhancing your self-awareness and understanding.

Nicola’s aim is to help her clients work through past and present issues to develop and build happy, successful and fulfilling relationships –

with one’s self

with family

with lovers

with friends

with colleagues

Nicola provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment in which to explore personal difficulties and unresolved feelings.

With self-awareness and understanding comes the ability to make better choices, to change ‘habits of a lifetime’ and improve the quality and fulfilment of one’s life. Links to causes and patterns from earlier in life will be identified and provide insight into everyday behaviour.

Once one can digest, gain insight and understand why, it’s easier to help monitor and change behaviour.

From this point one can build strength and emotional security, working towards becoming more grounded, feeling stronger, more inspired and with a brighter future.