Why Psychotherapy?

Why Psychotherapy?

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life become overwhelming and it can be beneficial to work through it with a professional.

Sometimes we’re impacted by experiences we’ve had in the past that have led us to form patterns of behaviour that are destructive and not conducive to achieving a sense of fulfilment.

Many people suffer from feelings of abandonment, rejection or shame; from feeling ‘not good enough’. When one is feeling stressed, anxious, worried, angry or fearful, it’s hard to achieve success, feel motivated or find a state of balance and happiness.

It’s difficult when you can’t see options or your future isn’t looking like what you want it to be and the benefit of talking it over with a respected, experienced and fully-qualified psychotherapist can uncover patterns of negative behaviour and thinking which are at the root cause.

Psychotherapy can be effective in helping to treat a wide range of issues including:

Depression – feeling unable to cope with everyday stresses feeling ‘flat’ or ‘stuck’, hopeless, useless or worthless

Anxiety – feelings of unexplained imminent danger or dread

Difficult family relationships

Divorce, infidelity, marital discord

Sexuality – confusion, shame, addiction

Eating disorders, both clinical and sub-clinical

Substance abuse, misuse or dependency

Loss and bereavement

Coping with chronic illness

Trauma, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), sexual abuse

Work related issues/redundancy, professional challenges and aspirations